Back Pain

Back pain affects a large number of people every day. If you’ve been experiencing back pain recently and you’re looking for a drug-free and non-surgical solution to provide pain relief, contact Corrective Chiropractic in London, ON. Back pain can turn the simplest of everyday activities into torture. Let us help you find the pain relief that you deserve.


Classification of Back Pain

Back pain is classified depending on the symptoms that a patient exhibits or the area that the pain is spread. Below are the three main classifications of back pain.

Radicular pain

Radicular pain occurs in the form of radicular, shock-like pain that mainly attacks your spinal nerves. It’s primarily caused by inflammation or compression of your spinal nerves.

Referred pain

If you are experiencing dull and achy pains that vary in intensity, you are probably suffering from referred back pain.

Axial pain

Axial pain affects the lower back area. It is the most common type of back pain.

What are the Common Causes of Back Pain?

Spine-Related complications: Bulging discs in your spine may press on the nerves in your back which causes pain.

Injuries from accidents: Accidents such as falls, fractures, and muscle sprains can strain spinal ligaments leading to back pain.

Cervical radiculopathy: This occurs due to irritation or compression of the muscles in the neck area. The pain manifests as numbness or muscle weakness that stretches to the shoulder region.

Spasms: For people in poor physical condition, lower muscle strains/tears can also be caused by sudden awkward movements. Spasms often occur when playing sports or lifting heavy weights in the gym.

Incorrect posture and other triggers: Back pain can also be triggered by lifestyle elements such as wearing high heels, slouching at your desk, lack of exercise, smoking, or being overweight.

Underlying medical conditions: Back pain can also be triggered by medical conditions affecting joints and nerves in the back. Such conditions include osteoarthritis, scoliosis, and tumors in the back.

Visit our Chiropractor for Back Pain Treatment

Back pain is a complex problem. It requires an experienced hand to diagnose and treat. Chiropractic care can provide effective and long-lasting pain relief without the use of drugs or surgery. Our chiropractor will develop a personalized treatment plan around your medical condition to meet your health goals. Call Corrective Chiropractic in London, ON, today at (519) 474-6808 to schedule an appointment.

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