What To Expect From Your Visit

Our goal from the outset at Corrective Chiropractic is to help you feel comfortable and at home as soon as you walk through our doors. Chiropractic care involves a series of visits, each of which is dependant on the previous to achieve the results you (and I) want.

Your First Visit

Our goal is that you feel better before you even meet the doctor. You’ll be welcomed by name, and introduced to our staff. We understand that the first visit to a chiropractor is unfamiliar, so allow me to give you a tour of your first visit.

Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted and given a brief tour of the office and seated. Of course you’ll be guided through some paperwork which will set the stage for your healing. Then, you’ll be given a short but very informative pamphlet on some of the terminology used at Corrective Chiropractic.

Please dress comfortably for the examination. Any previously taken x-rays, CT scans, or MRIs should be presented at the outset of the visit.

Chiropractic Consultation and Examination

Upon completing your paperwork, you will be guided through a computerized structural photo analysis, and then meet Dr. Batte to discuss your health history and anything relevant to your problem. Our goal is to build a thorough picture of your health. Previous accidents, conditions, family history, injuries, medications and nutritional habits may be discussed. Dr. Batte will also ask about what you’ve tried previously to address your problem, including medications, surgery, therapies, and chiropractic care received elsewhere.

After completing the consultation, Dr. Batte will begin your examination. It may consist of :

  • Thermoscan
  • Surface Electromyography
  • Structural Chiropractic Examination
  • X-Ray Examination (if required)

If structural shift is suspected, X-Ray analysis will determine exactly where it is, and will be vital to the correction of the shift. The X-Ray facility is right next door, but other facilities are available if more convenient. The X-Rays will be delivered to our office the following afternoon.

What is Next?

After your first visit is complete, Dr. Batte will review your consultation findings, examinations to determine the underlying cause of your health problems, expected recovery time, and cost for care. Our staff will schedule a follow up appointment to discuss your findings. At this second visit, Dr. Batte will discuss his findings with you and begin care. If one or more structural shifts are confirmed on x-ray, he will schedule a time to go over the xrays with you and your spouse as soon as possible.

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