How Does It Work?

We make it easy…

Most of our patients are referred to us by other patients, their medical doctor, or their current traditional chiropractor. The reasons that our practice was built on referrals is simple:

  • We provide specific structural corrective care (with additional attention paid to the needs of athletes, during pregnancy and pediatric care).
  • We the only Structural Correction Centre in West London.

The process for our new patients is simple:

Step 1: Schedule a complimentary consultation (always a conversation not a commitment).

Step 2: If you comfortable to proceed, or feel you may have a Structural Shift and would like to investigate further, you are welcome to schedule a Complete Structural Chiropractic Corrective Examination.

Step 3: After the examination, we will schedule an appointment so we can review your results and explain begin correcting your problem. At this time, if Structural Shifts have been located on your x-rays, we will schedule an additional conference to review them.

Step 4: After reviewing your x-rays at the conference appointment we will discuss care plans and review options for your care.

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